An Article About The Most Important Ways Of Avoiding Kidney Diseases!

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the human body. They have a form of a bean. They are very important since their function is to eliminate the extra organic molecules which bring one of the most important functions of all: the elimination of the waste materials from the metabolism such as: urea, even though at least 90 % of it is brought back together through the nephron. Apart from this function the kidneys have other functions such as regulation of the electrolytes, taking control over the acid-base balance and keeping under control the blood pressure (this is performed by keeping in control the levels of water and salt). The kidneys are excellent because they are used as a filter for the blood. Furthermore, when the urine is being formed the kidneys remove the materials such as urea and ammonium, plus the kidneys are responsible for the reabsorption of the amino acids, glucose and water. Moreover, the kidneys are capable of producing hormones like calcitriol and erythropoietin and also the enzyme called renin.

The kidneys are placed in the retoperitoneum near the abdominal cavity. The necessary flow of the blood the kidneys have from the renal arteries and dry out through the renal veins. Both of the kidneys excrete urine within the ureter.

Exist two types of sciences which describe the kidneys. Nephrology will teach you about the kidney diseases, while the renal physiology will teach you about the way the kidneys function. There are various kidney diseases. Some of the most usual clinical kidney diseases are: acute and chronic kidney diseases, infection of the urinary tract and obstruction of the urinary tract, renal cysts, nephrotic symptoms, etc. Also, people very often suffer from kidney cancer, usually adult people get ill by the renal cell cancer. All of these cysts, cancers can be cured by removing the kidneys or with a nephrectomy. If the renal function is constantly bad, then probably the best options are the kidney transplantation and dialysis. Another kidney disease is the kidney stones. Opposed to the rest of the kidney diseases the kidney stones are not very dangerous and hurtful. However, the removal of the kidney stones may be painful and they can reappear constantly. This chronic formation of the kidney stones may leave scars all over the kidneys. Usually, the best treatment in removing the kidney stones is with the usage of an ultrasound. This ultrasound will divide the stones into tiny pieces and then they will be removed from the kidneys through the urinary tract. In case you start feeling a very strong pain in the lateral part of the groin then that is a clear sign for kidney stones.


– Exercise every day

– Consume a lot of nuts, meat, fruits and vegetables

– Keep in control the blood pressure

– Make sure that the level of sugar is normal

– Drink plenty of water

– Stop eating too much salt

– Stop using cigarettes

– Avoid using pills and start using more natural remedies

– Go and have regular checkups at the doctor

– Especially if anyone in your family is prone to having problems with the kidneys or anyone had any kidney disease, then you should definitely have a regular check up with your doctor