Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss, Repaired DNA and More Stamina

The ketogenic diet Keto can mimic fasting physiology well.

Before this diet, cleanse with natural cleanse and if you never used this get a sample here. A great supplement.

When we enter ketosis, the body used saved fat for energy and not sugars.

To achieve ketosis is  bets with fasting, diets and ketone using.

To get in ketosis measure the glucose levels with device Precision Xtra. This device shows you that 0.5 mmol is focused here and you have light ketosis. Many claim to have stronger mental focus with 1 mmol or more.

Weight loss is not the sole benefit, if we go deeper also this helps epilepsy kids and also repairs DNA, and prevents cancer.

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, prof. of Department molecular pharmacology, South Florida University, College Morsani, senior expert at Institute for human and Machine cognition said ketosis gives us more energy, strength and DNA repair and also safety from illnesses.

He tests ketogenic diets all the time and tried them on himself. He says ketosis is healthy 3 times per year.

To prove that ketosis gives energy, Dominic hit the gym after a week of fasting and deadlifts of 500 lbs with 10 reps.

He said keto diet is for:

  • Lyme disease
  • Good stamina
  • No cancer
  • More oxygen use
  • Fat loss and molecule health

Keto diet will make sure the calories you eat are 75-85% of only fats.

What you should eat


 1 can sardines, slices bacon, 4 eggs with butter or coconut oil, ½ can oysters, asparagus


Skip lunch and have MCT powder. Also lettuce, ground beef, avocado, cherry tomato. Or grill chicken, cherry tomato and lettuce. Or pork chops, asparagus, mushrooms and coconut butter.

As you see proteins are a must, but no more than 100 g unless you had tough workouts. Lunch always has veggies and they are well mixed with fats in ketosis.


 This is always a big salad, chicken or beef, or fish. Also feta cheese or parmesan. For healthy option, add mixed greens and spinach. When 80% of calories are fat, this is a good diet.

For more info get the Ketosis cookbook for more info on this keto regime.