Mix These 2 Ingredients and Burn All The Accumulated Fat You Always Dreamed

Today’s excess weight is a problem that hits many people in the world, I do not think you are the only one. The main cause is by the metabolism and also by the bad way in which they feed. There are many people who can not stop eating until they reach a point of seeing the extreme changes in their body.

The worrying thing when you begin to experience changes in the body will be to return to the physical state as it was before. However, a young woman has shown in social networks her changes after being overweight, a remedy that became viral due to its effectiveness. It is a very easy recipe to follow to lose weight.


-The peel of a ripe pineapple (cleaned and washed)
-can powder


First, place a large pot 1 liter of water, let it boil for at least 5-10 minutes. Over time, add the pineapple peel, let it boil for 10 minutes.

Then add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and leave about 2 more minutes to warm. As time goes by, turn it off and let stand for about 20 minutes.

Drink one cup twice a day. It may be just after lunch or dinner preferably. Take this miraculous pineapple tea with cinnamon four days a week and three rest. Then come back and repeat the treatment.

Benefits of this drink

1.-Reduce inflammation

-As you know, pineapple contains a very interesting enzyme called bromelain that fights inflammation by destroying toxins that attack our tissues and cause pain, edema and fluid retention.
-If you drink pineapple water regularly, you will notice the results in your body. It is really useful if, for example, you suffer from arthritis.
-You may wonder why we are recommending pineapple water on an empty stomach. Well, we recommend you start your day with a glass of pineapple water on an empty stomach so the stomach can absorb nutrients better.
-After eating, its purifying and anti-inflammatory action is hampered by other nutrients. So always drink a glass on an empty stomach.

2.-Lose weight

Your body will experience the following benefits:

-You will feel more satisfied.
-Reduction of cravings of sweets.
-Thiamine in pineapple water will help boost your metabolism by turning your carbohydrates into energy.
-It will moisturize you.
-It will provide micronutrients that water alone can not. You should carry a small bottle of pineapple water in your bag.
-You will avoid cramps and other problems associated with daily fatigue thanks to potassium in pineapple. It is really effective in maintaining the right balance of electrolytes in the body.
-Remember to drink pineapple water on an empty stomach.

3.-Helps the intestines and liver

-Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple that acts as a catalyst in the liver, helping it to synthesize vitamins and proteins.
-Its beneficial enzymes and antioxidants will help you cleanse your body of heavy metals.
-It will help keep your bowels clean.
-Eating natural pineapple is recommended to avoid constipation.