There is an acidic environment developing in the human body, As a result of insufficient consuming of healthy foods, which results in weakened immune system.

The alkalinity or acidity is determined by the help of the pH factor, and everything below 7 are considered as a danger to the overall health. If the pH level is below 7 that environment is acidic, and everything above that is an alkaline environment.

If the environment in the human bodies becomes acidic, the healthy cells could become toxic.

Which are the symptoms that indicate excessive acidity in the human body?

Stomach aches


Weakened immune system

Feeling excessive tiredness

Health benefits of drinking alkaline water

The alkaline water rejuvenates the skin and keeps it hydrated. By drinking alkaline water you can get rid of the extra pounds. It is good for cleansing the organs of your body too, particularly for cleansing the colon, and by doing this it reduces the chances of getting colds, stomach virus, and other related diseases.

The alkaline water is a great antioxidant which can fight the free radicals which can cause a premature aging and other side effects. By consuming this water regularly you can prevent cancer.

Alkaline Water Recipe

Needed Ingredients:

-2 liters of filtrated water

-1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt

-1 organic lemon sliced into small pieces

How to prepare it:

Fill a glass jar with water and put the pieces of lemon in that glass jar. Then, add in the Himalayan salt. Next, close the jar and let it stay during the night.

How to consume the amazing alkaline water?

Drink three glasses of alkaline water every morning, before breakfast, on an empty stomach.